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MoviesDirect offers legally licensed unlimited  movie downloads and streams.
The site offers both AVI and MP4 file format that support a huge range of devices from computers to smart tv's , mobiles , tablets and includes all Android and Apple devices. The movies are available for both download and streaming.

Key Features

  • Affiliates earn 65% commission per sale
  • 5% webmaster referral
  • CCBill affiliate tracking with weekly payments.

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As our affiliate ,for every sale you refer to us, we will pay you 65% commission.
We offer our customers 3 different membership plans and 1 upsell, below you can review how much you will profit per every sold membership type as our affiliate:

Membership Type Price Affiliate Commission Your Profit Per Sale
1 Month Unlimited Movie Downloads $29.95 65% 19$
3 Months Unlimited Movie Downloads $34.95 65% 22.5$
1 Year Unlimited Movie Downloads $39.95 65% 26$
1 Month Unlimited Movie Downloads+HD Movies Upgrade($9.95) $29.95+$9.95 65% 26$
3 Months Unlimited Movie Downloads+HD Movies Upgrade($9.95) $34.95+$9.95 65% 29$
1 Year Unlimited Movie Downloads+HD Movies Upgrade($9.95) $39.95+$9.95 65% 32.5$

Below is a small example of what you will be able to earn as a MoviesDirect affiliate:
Memberships Sold Per Day Monthly Profit
1 ($26 average sale value) $570
5 ($26 average sale value) $3900+Bonus(see sales bonus)
10 ($26 average sale value) $7800+Bonus(see sales bonus)
20 ($26 average sale value) $15,600+Bonus(see sales bonus)
50 ($26 average sale value) $39,000+Bonus(see sales bonus)

Affiliate FAQ:


Who pays me?


All your commissions are automatically processed and paid to you via CCBILL using checks or wire transfer to your bank account.


When do I get paid?


CCBILL pays affiliates once a week.


How will i get paid?


You can choose to get paid either by check or wire transfer directly to your bank account.


I don't have a CCBILL affiliate account?


If you do not have an affiliate account with CCBILL you can join easily and create an account right now for free. Scroll up to the start of the page and click on "create a new account".


Where can i access your banners and other promotional materials?


Once you have a CCBILL affiliate account simply log on to the system and take banners from there or you can browse this affiliate section for banners and other promotional materials.

Here's how to get started!.

It's very simple to earn commissions by promoting our site. All you need to do is promote our service with your custom affiliate link and CCBILL will pay you via either check or wire transfer .

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  • a.Copy and paste the above generated link into a new browser window.
  • b.The Moviesdirect.org website should open.
  • c.Navigate the site all the way to the ccbill purchase page (where customers enter their credit card details).
  • d.Right click on your mouse and select "view source" (on Chrome select "view page source")
  • e.Click ctrl+f on your keyboard. The search prompt should open.
  • f.Enter your affiliate id into the search prompt.
  • g.If all is working ok you should see the following code on the page source: input type=hidden name=ccbill_referer value='XXXXXXX' XXXXXX should be your affiliate id (see affiliate id 2539777 as an example below).
  • If you need help with the above instructions please contact us via our support form and we will happily assist you and verify your links are working

We will provide you with great tools to sell our product easily. We will also provide you with advanced analytics to track your hits, sales, campaigns, and commissions.

We will even credit you for sales if your buyer does not buy on the first day, even if they come back 2 months later, you still get paid.

Please note:

We do not allow under any condition affiliate marketers promoting this website to make false statements and advertising to potential customers regarding the nature, quality and quantity of movies our website offers.

Any affiliate found soliciting potential customers by offering them specific Movies and/or other content not available in our members area will be immediately banned from our affiliate program.

An example for this practice is affiliate sites showing brand new movies still in theater and a "download" button with an affiliate link sending to our site. Any affiliate promoting us with such tactics will be banned and is at risk of legal action from our side for misrepresenting our service.

If in doubt regarding the content we offer please contact us and we will create an affiliate demo account for you to browse our available selections inside the members area. In our terms of use you will also be able to locate a list that contains most of our available titles under the Copyright section.

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