Why Choose Moviesdirect?


Why is this service better/different than Netflix?
Moviesdirect allows you to DOWNLOAD movies and store them to keep. While on Netflix you are given the chance to stream movies
from there collection your viewing experience is limited only to locations where you are able to connect to your Netflix account and stream
the movie with a live Internet connection. While this option is also available on Moviesdirect the point of this service is to allow you
to download these movies and keep them on any device you own (such as your Tablet,your Mobile or your Computer).

Downloading and storing the movies enables you to take your movies with you wherever you go and watch them without an Internet connection.
You can watch your downloaded movies on a plane, on the beach on anywhere else , since no connection is required it doesn’t matter where you are.
Another awesome feature is the ability to burn the movies to DVD and watch them on your standalone DVD player and creating your own movie collection, these movies stay with you forever and do not expire if the membership expires so whatever you download is yours to keep.

In comparison , any other service such as Amazon, Blockbuster etc.. you need to pay a hefty per title fee in order to download to keep any of the titles they have available (usual price is $14.94 per title and above in these services). With Moviesdirect you only pay your one time membership fee and can download as many movies as you want without the need to pay ever again for your downloads from the site. The collection includes several thousand titles divided by categories including HD movies and there is something for everyone.
This is what is referred to us “Unlimited Movie Downloading”

Moviesdirect membership prices can go as low as 24.95$ for one month unlimited downloads .
Currently , since the service is new we are offering introduction low prices, you should take advantages of our launch pricing before these go up.
The registration process is simple and automatic, once you finish your payment an account is created for you automatically and you can simply log on in minutes and start downloading right away!

See you inside!

3 thoughts on “Why Choose Moviesdirect?

  1. Loving the site! Really awesome selection and well worth the one time payment.
    Spread the word, more people should know about this service .

  2. Realy good service. I use you guys to download movies and not for streaming. I find that downloading my movies is a lot less
    of a hassle as i put them on my IPAD and let the kids watch them when we travel by car for a few hours with Internet connection needed.

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